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Marriage changes everything. 

“Me” becomes “us” in almost every instance, and every major decision you make is prefaced with careful consideration of its impact on the “us”.


Getting married is not only an exciting event but a momentous one. The day you get married marks the day you leave singlehood and become a wife - a role which many struggle to adjust into, especially if they have been single for a long time.


Preparing yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially can help you in getting acclimated to joining lives with your future husband. This preparation will not only make it easier but also sets you up to cultivate a successful and lifelong marriage.


Discussion topics:

- Learn the changes a woman goes through from being single to being married
- How to build a support system that would influence us to become the best version of ourselves 
- Better ways to deal with couple’s conflict 
- Healthy ways to relieve tension and stress leading up to your wedding 


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What women need to know before they get married?

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