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Whether you are single, engaged or married, FINANCE is a HOT topic 🔥


If you’re single, how much money is enough to sustain you and your future?


When you’re engaged, how much money is enough for the wedding, honeymoon, the house, your parents, transportation etc? 


And when you’re married, how do you manage all of your expenses and if you have enough, is it good to invest? How can you have healthy communication about debts and insurance with your spouse? 


In webinar #1 on 23 Sept, we’ll be discussing:

- Understanding your current financial standing
- What are your personal and shared financial goals?
- Discussing spending habits and priorities as a couple
- Exploring strategies for open and effective financial communication
- Navigating challenges and differences in financial attitudes


In webinar #2 on 30 Sept, we’ll be discussing:

- Common financial issues and disagreements among couples.
- How to overcome financial problems as a married couple?
- How to create a secure money strategy for your long-term financial success.


BONUS: In these sessions, the speaker will explain why insurance matters and help you kick off your investments the right way, including tips and tricks for future financial success.


Register for both sessions at $35 today! 

All About Nikah [Finance Edition]

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