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Inspiring you to embody Islamic values

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"I gained so much knowledge! It's a never-ending list! Most importantly, I learned that we should make the Quran our companion or best friend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Ustaz!"

Nadia, from The Modern Muslim class

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Fitriyyah was founded in 2019 to help adults learn about Islam. Through our Islamic-related classes and programmes, we help you get closer and stay in touch with your Deen.


Our classes are suitable for working adults who are looking for a way to understand Islam at different stages of their lives. Our programmes address modern-day concerns faced by members of the Muslim community in Singapore. In recent times, we have included various online courses in our portfolio to cater to contemporary needs.

This is picture of one of Fitriyyah's physical classes that happened in 2019 at International Plaza in CBD of Singapore.
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